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Outdoor Bar Ideas for Festive Entertaining

Entertaining at home has taken on a deeper meaning in recent years, with more and more people outfitting their backyards, patios, terraces, balconies, and porches with amenities that make staying home more comfortable and fun. Building or setting up an outdoor bar is a surefire way to make your exterior space a destination for friends and family. Whether it's a dedicated space; part of an outdoor kitchen, living room, or pool house; or an indoor space with a pass-through window and bar counter that opens to the outdoors, an outdoor bar helps make your leisure time more fun. 

1. Install Accordion Windows
This corner pool house bar and kitchenette has a sink, stove top, oven, and a glass front fridge for beverages. Natural materials like stone, wood, and rattan blend in seamlessly with the natural landscape. White subway tiles, black-framed windows, and dishware add a crisp modern touch. Accordion windows open up all the way when in use to the open terrace and pool house. Outdoor seating facing in toward the kitchen creates an intimate feel for drinks and casual meals. 

2. Add Color
With its simple lines and bright red bar stools, the outdoor bar is a cozy and inviting place to share a drink. 

3. Add a Firepit
This bar and lounge area is built for entertaining, with a central gathering space that includes a beautiful fire pit, creating a sophisticated setting for gathering with friends and family. 

4. Exploit the View
This penthouse rooftop bar and grill is oriented to take full advantage of the wide-open views. The well-equipped set-up includes a built-in wine cellar, ice chest, and dishwasher with polished chrome finishes. 

5. Add Bistro-Style Bar Stools

6. Add String Lights
A freestanding bar is part of a large entertaining space. Shiny bulb string lights add warmth on chilly evenings. 

7. Start with a Bar Cart
If you're working with a small space or still saving up to build an outdoor bar, there's no shame in setting up a nicely styled rolling bar cart like this one. 

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