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Resting joyfully on it

Really like this patio rattan sofa set, which has excellent quality, instructions for assembly and follow-up by customer service - I’ve looked at this set and compared to many others; this is clearly the standard for quality and style. Kudos to Alphamart!


Beautiful and well-made

Nice cabinet! Found the cutest piece to go under my gallery wall. Was easy to assemble, good instructions. Quality is better than a lot of other assemble-yourself-type furniture. Beautiful cabinet, I would recommend it.


Awesome attractive bar stool

Chairs suitable for the balcony. The seating fabric is durable and easy to disassemble, install and light in weight. Very nice set, looks great in my balcony. worth value.

Jeff S.

Great four burner grill

This is easy to assemble and pretty sturdy. Has 4 individual igniters so you can turn on any burner you want. Plenty of cooking space. The side burner is a plus that you can warm up your sauce while grilling. It even has a bottle opener for your beers. We are going to grill rain or shine…lol!


#Furniture ideas

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