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DIY Patio Furniture Plans to Decorate Your Outdoor Space

1. Outdoor Sofa and Coffee Table
Start your patio makeover by choosing sofa and coffee table. The sofa has a modern feel to it with clean lines. The slim bench matches perfectly making it perfect for tight spaces. Pressure-treated lumber, deck stain, and sealer are used on the frame and table so they will both stand up to any kind of weather. 

2. Outdoor Side Table
Having a great side table is a must for your patio furniture. It's a place where you can set drinks and food or even use as a plant stand. 

3. Reclaimed Wood Patio Farm Table
If you have a small patio, that doesn't mean that you can't have a table. This plan takes an existing small table and adds some reclaimed wood from pallets to the top. The result is a great little table where you can eat or even use as a desk. 

4. Mid-Century Slatted Bench
This mid-century slatted wooden bench would look great on a patio, deck, or even a gazebo. Changing it up with paint or stain is another way to give it a completely unique look that's entirely yours. 

5. Outdoor Bar
Although your dream may be a complete outdoor kitchen, an outdoor bar will give you a similar feel for a fraction of the price and requires much less space. 

6. Outdoor Modular Bench with Storage
This outdoor patio plan is for a modular bench that will give you a ton of seating and even more storage. This is an easy-built and it costs less than $200 from start to finish. This would look great on your patio with the shade of a pergola. 

7. Outdoor Coffee Table with Planter
This unique coffee table has a built-in plant stand and shelves and is unlike anything you'd see at the store. It builds a modern table that's both functional and a work of art. It's also on the smaller side, making it a great addition to a patio with limited gardening space. 

8. Porch Swing
A porch swing is a fun piece of DIY furniture that's great for the advanced beginner woodworker looking for something a bit more challenging but still completely approachable. This porch swing uses just one two-by-four piece of wood, rope, and some hardware to build. There are plenty of directions and photos that show you every part of the build process. 

9. Upcycled Beverage Station
Here's a unique idea that's sure to add a ton of fun to your patio. This project details how to take an old door and upcycle it into a beverage station. Your guests will love it! 

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