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6 Garden Bench Ideas for Your Backyard

That bench in your front or backyard may look casual and random, but there should be more thought that went into where it eventually ends up. At least a few considerations should be involved in the placement of a bench in a landscape or garden. Among them:
Is there a view? It doesn't have to be a spectacular, million-dollar view of the mountains or whitecaps (although if it's there, go for it). What view would you like to gaze upon from your bench? It might be your garden or a charming vignette, like a pool or pond, rose bushes, or flowers in bloom.
Location, location, location. Does it get hot where you live? Would a bench in the shade be a welcome respite? Or, do you live in a rainy climate, like the Pacific Northwest? A bench under a roof or tree canopy might provide much-needed shelter during an unexpected sprinkle or storm.
Materials and style: Benches don't have to be perfectly coordinated, but if your house is a distinct architectural style—say, Mid-century modern or Victorian—then the bench design and materials do matter. Something sleek, geometric, and absent of intricate carvings and details would probably go with a modern house, while a Victorian might call for a highly ornamental cast iron bench.

1. Vintage Park Bench

2. Elegant Garden Bench
In a large formal garden, an elegant bench with matching tables nestles into the perfectly manicured shrubs. A bench cushion complements, rather than competes, with the nearby greenery, and makes a beautiful place to sit, enjoy tea, visitors, and the pond that is in front of it.

3. Victorian Bench

4. Memorial Bench
Placed under a tree off the beaten path a wooden bench can be a place for quiet reflection, an escape, or reading.

5. Slat Bench
A wood-slat bench—a popular project featured in mid-20th-century how-to books and magazines—gets an updated look with a backrest, paint, and a small umbrella. The bench is situated along a pathway, which is a good place to escape or contemplate projects in the immediate vicinity.

6. Deck Bench

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