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Your Guide to A Stress-Free Summer

Warm weather calls for summer barbecues and al fresco brunch with friends and family. One of the best parts of summer is that your house instantly becomes larger–your home’s square footage no longer includes just your interior and you can take advantage of outdoor space to invite more loved ones over.

1. Focus on No-Heat Foods
When the temperatures rise outside, no one wants to stand over a stove to cook a meal for a dinner party. Instead of setting up a menu that requires you to turn on an oven or stove, plan your summer menu around no-cook foods. Lean into fancy salads, sandwiches and charcuterie plates that won’t heat up your kitchen but will impress your guests just the same. If you want to create a more engaging party, consider a “build-your-own” sandwich bar or pasta salad bar so your guests can DIY without a lot of prep on your end.

2. Keep Guests out of the Sun
If you’re hosting a daytime event or a brunch, it’s important to keep your guests comfortable so folks don’t start to trickle out early. Set up an easy gazebo to keep your friends and family out of the sun.
Make sure to set up a sunblock bar as soon as guests come in to encourage people to slather up throughout the day. Another great idea if you have a lot of open lawn is to set up picnic areas with umbrellas and blankets for people to spread out while staying out of the sun.

3. Have a Place to Store Outdoor Items
Cleaning before your guests get to your house shouldn’t be a big effort. If you have a lot of outdoor toys and gadgets that you don’t want cluttering up your outdoor space, invest in a storage option such as AlphaMarts Sectional Sofa Set with Storage Box to keep your stuff out of sight.
When your party is over, ask guests if they can toss their outdoor cushion or pillow on their way out to make clean up even easier.

4. Keep Everyone Busy
As the host, it’s your job to keep your guests entertained. But that doesn’t mean you have to stress about keeping them occupied all party long. Instead, set up lawn games such as volleyball game or board game so your guests can entertain themselves and you can focus on keeping the party going.

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