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Mini Bar Ideas to Create a Useful Small Home Bar

Who doesn't enjoy a laid-back happy hour at home every now and then? While going out to a favorite bar or restaurant is always a treat, there's nothing better than curating a supply of cocktail-making essentials to keep at home, too. That way, all of the ingredients you need to make your favorite drink are at the ready if you just don't feel like getting dolled up, it's cold and rainy outside, or you're looking to save some money.

1. A Vintage Display
Whether you set up a bar display in the kitchen, living room, or dining room is up to you. The key is selecting a tray or cart that complements the rest of your space's aesthetic. This vintage looking serve fits in perfectly with this room's antique decor. And finding your own secondhand bar cart is easy—as long as you know what to look for.

2. Cocktails by the Couch
If you have a small nook next to the sofa, why not set up a little drink station there? This setup proves just how handy it can be to have cocktail essentials within reach—there's no need to pause the movie in order to make a drink. And if you're worried about spills, don't be—cleaning even the most precious of sofas can be a cinch as long as you know the right tips and tricks.

3. Drink Corner
An open corner is also a great space to set up a bar nook. Feel free to hang artwork that corresponds with the theme—just because you're making cocktails at home doesn't mean you can't replicate elements of your favorite watering hole.

4. Simple Shelves
Installing open shelving in the kitchen can be an excellent way to make use out of empty wall space while displaying all of your cooking essentials—and your favorite bottles of wine and liquor. This no-frills setup keeps everything within eyesight, making it easy to grab ingredients on a whim.

5. Sideboard Setup
A small tray holding liquor bottles on the dining room sideboard can easily be stashed away once the party is over. Again, a tray helps even the smallest of displays look well curated and stylish.

6. Get Floral
Your tray doesn't need to solely contain bottles—you can certainly work a few decorative accents into even the smallest of setups. One idea we love is placing a vase on the tray and changing out florals seasonally (and yes, even faux flowers are fine). Choose colors that complement your bottles if you wish.

7. Grouped Glassware
If you'd rather opt to not use a tray in your design, arrange bottles and glassware in an artful manner so that the setup looks intentional, not haphazard. Incorporating dishes and other trinkets will make for a lovely vignette.

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