Pros and Cons of Air Fryers

Air fryer is a healthier cooking method which cooks food with hot air instead of oil. It provides a healthy and convenient way to prepare your meals. 

It commonly contains a heating system (mainly electric coil) and a fan. Hot air is produced by the coil and circulating flowed to the food by the fan. The circulating hot air will cook the food and produce a crispy layer. Many air fryers will use a little oil, but some are truly oil-free. Which type to choose depends on your wishes.

kitchen academy air fryer

Pros and cons of air fryer:

Pros 1: Healthier food with little saturated fat. Compared with a deep fryer, air fryer uses little or none oil to heat the food which will greatly reduce the fats.

Pros 2: Versatility. It usually has many modes for different foods such as fries, shrimps, fishes and even cakes.

Pros 3: Easy to use. Simply place your prepared food in the basket, choose your temperature and time, wait and enjoy the delicious food. 

Cos 1: The capacity limit the application of air fryer. As to the versatility pros, you can only cook the food that suit the size and sharp of the fryer. 

Cos 2: The basket needs frequencies clean and maintenance, it's better to wash the basket after finish the cooking.

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