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Deep in a courtyard, drenched in it

There is a yard, there are flowers and grass, there are wicker chairs and sofas, half is the world, half is home!

We are always trying to escape from the prosperous city. Hope to find a pure land to return to the soul, enjoy the life behind the house. Stop steps to get close to life and enjoy the beauty of time. Getting away from many other disturbances!

Don't care about any others' views, only care about my inner desires.

One day, we will inevitably grow old, and on one can escape this doomed life.

If the day is coming in the future someday.

I hope I can own my secluded place that there is a small courtyard built on the hill, with flowers and grass, and a rattan chair sofa.

Around the house, raise flowers and plant trees, half is the world, half is the home.

Live in a simple and unsophisticated life. Interpret the meaning of life in the simplest way.

We never know what will happen tomorrow!

Whether it is good or bad is unpredictable.

It is better to cherish the present and have no regrets about life!

The pure soul means minimalist self, a clean house and a chaste heart.

Life is originally as simple as this, complex is desire and greed.

We like fireworks, and we all want to have a few tile houses, a small courtyard, besides, we also hope can hold time and happiness forever.

Of course, I am that person too.

In my favorite yard, there are flowers and grass, birds and fish, planting a tree and flowers, and then spending the rest lifetime, living a dream life.

Spring, summer, autumn and winter, each season has its own unique yard scenery. Every afternoon, I will be reading while drinking tea.

I will make every simple day into a beautiful poem.

When the flowers bloom, it’s gorgeous and amazing.

When the flowers fall, it is romantic and wonderful.

Every day, let the simple life be filled with poetry!

Floral scent is full of the whole yard. A beautiful life is beginning.

No matter in the vigorous morning or in the leisurely afternoon, peace and comfortable. The rest of life can last long and long.

This life here in this courtyard, half is “flowers” world, half is peaceful home.

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