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5 Ways to Decorate With Leather Furniture

Modern, contemporary, or traditional—no matter your home's current style, leather furniture can add a timeless, homey, and even a luxurious twist to your decor. How so might you be thinking? From yummy caramel to vibrant maroon, leather pieces are available in cozy colors that add both beauty and depth to any space.
But that does not mean you have to fill a room with leather furnishings. All you need is a sofa or perhaps a chair or two in leather to warm up a room no matter its color scheme. Even better, making a piece of leather furniture match the rest of your decor is as easy as adding a few decorative accessories such as accent pillows or a throw. Ready to learn more? These ideas share how to spruce up your space with leather furniture. 

1. Leather Lounge Chair
A cozy leather lounge chair adds both style and practical function without taking up too much visual space in the living room. The chic seat meshes perfectly with the room's mostly neutral color scheme. 

2. Chic Apartment With Leather Sofa
The tan leather upholstered sofa is incredibly inviting. Various plant life lends room brightening contrast. The cowhide print rug adds a slightly eclectic feel to the room's overall cohesive look. 

3. Leather Padded Headboard Anchors This Bedroom
The padded leather headboard is an eye-catching piece, and easily allows the leather cushions to slip on and off when needed. It beautifully works with other key furnishings including the midcentury nightstand and the full-length arched mirror. 

4. Leather Seating at Kitchen Island
If you think leather is just for the living room, think again. These leather bar stools perfectly suit the kitchen island, making a statement all their own. 

5. Leather Desk Chair in a Neutral Office
Introducing a leather desk chair into your study or office is a perfect fit. The durable fabric means it will last for the long haul, while also lending you some serious comfort as you get your work done. 

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