Tips for Comfortable Watching Experience of Football

Fall is the perfect season for watching football outdoors. Many football fans taking their family together to see a football game of their favorite team. To achieve comfortable watching experience, here are some useful tips.

1. Consider the weather

Check the weather and take corresponding measures. In cold weather, headgear and extra protection are needed. In windy days, windshield can provide a more comfortable experience. If the sunshine is very strong, take sun glass in your bag.

2. Choose the right row.

The best seat of watching the game is between the 30s, row 30. This area is close to midfield and the best elevation for seeing End-zone to End-zone.

Football Game

3. Additional equipment.

Stadium chair is a portable folding chair for bleacher which can provide you a comfortable seat when watching the game. A portable chair will be an ideal choice for a long time sitting on the bench.

stadium chair

FootballStadium chair

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