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Great Tips To Get Children Gardening

If you’re a gardening enthusiast, you might be willing to pass the hobby down to your children. Well, if you have tried before, you know how hard it is to get children to love gardening especially with there being so many entertainment gadgets and devices. However, don’t fret yet because with these tips, your children will love doing it soon enough.

• Make It A Fun Activity - Rather than making gardening a dull and boring activity, you can turn things around and make it fun. Whether it’s a vegetable patch or wild flowers, you can always find something exciting and fun for the children to do. Instead of weeding, you can always involve them in planting, watering, harvesting and much more while you tend to the mundane jobs.

• Create Their Own Gardening Space - You should let your kids have their own gardening space such as their own patch where they can grow their plants and decorate it however they please. You can teach them how to grow flowers, veggies and herbs that are easy to grow for the best results.

• Create Gardening Tools For Your Children - It’s tough for your child to carry around that huge hoe among other gardening tools. Therefore, you can create customized tools that are smaller in size to make it easier to garden. Don’t forget to look for gardening gloves that are also smaller in size to enrich their experience. You can also buy a smaller watering can so your child can always mimic you when you’re watering with the larger one.

• Start Small - Every gardener dreams of having a large blooming garden that covers many acres but when you’re teaching your children how to love it, you should start small. Therefore, you should scale down in size to a small gardening bed where you can plant tomatoes or fruits. You can also try out vegetable tops on a saucer of water such as leeks, carrots and turnips, all of whose leaves are thrown away and composted.

• Choose The Right Plants - Make sure you know the climate changes in your area so that you can choose the right plants. If you plant anything with your kids and it dies, they will lose interest very fast. Rather than going for exotic plants that wither or die in the wrong climate choose the best plant for your region and watch the excitement in your child’s face as they watch it grow such as these trees from The Tree Center.

• Get Quick Results - Plants will fall in love with gardening if they are involved with plants that germinate or grow quickly. For instance, you can try out some radish, cress and many other plants that take a day or two to germinate.

• Be Creative And Artsy - There’s much more to gardening that growing plants. Your kids will definitely be excited in making a scarecrow, painting their own decoration rocks or making a bird feeder. Also, you can try planting flowers in different colors to get the younger ones excited about the vivid imagery.

• Recycle, Reuse And Repurpose - Junk gardening is one of the latest trends that has become very popular. Here, you can boost your creativity by reusing items that you have thrown away. It’s a very important tact because your children will learn about sustainability. For instance, you can always create small gardens using tin cans or make a herb garden from an old kettle BBQ. You can also choose to brighten the garden using worn out clothes or repainted old surfboards. Kids will certainly become attracted to the creativity so you should do it to boost their interest in gardening.

• Go Wild - Children would be drawn to some wildlife in the garden. Therefore, you should start by creating a birdfeeder, a lizard lounge or a bird bath. They would certainly be spending more time in the garden if there are interesting animals to see. To attract these wild animals you should choose plants that entice birds, butterflies and other animals to make your garden lively.

• Plan For The Losses- If you’re planting anything in your children, make sure you buy more seeds or seedlings. You should know that things will go wrong because some seeds will not germinate while seedlings might die after a while. Therefore, if you double the effort, you will reduce the chances of getting nothing. As a result, your children will not lose interest completely.

In conclusion, gardening with your children is an engaging activity you can always share. Even better, the beauty of the garden when it’s fully grown will give your children unforgettable memories. Therefore, get your children interested in gardening and make it a fun activity you can always share.

Written by Natalie Bracco for Working Mother.

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