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Fireplace Cabinet: A Good Choice for This Winter

Alphamarts offers five types of electric fireplace cabinets this winter, with stylish design and high-quality material. They require no gas, no oil, and no worry about the smoke & messy ashes. Perfect for your living room.
They are adjustable. So you can easily remove the fireplace in summer and use it as a usual cabinet. Various objects can be placed.

1. 48'' Black Glass Door Wooden Fireplace Cabinet (SKU: IF-493A)

High-grade MDF with premium painting+ 4mm tempered glass doors, the black woodgrain gives the TV Stand a clean, updated look. The TV Stand can hold up to 150 lbs.(In the case of placing an electric fireplace)
Good for living room with modern and dark decoration.

2. 47" White Electric Fireplace Cabinets (SKU: IF-494A)

High-grade MDF with premium painting + Shutter door with removable shelf board, this TV Stand can hold up to 180 lbs.(In the case of placing an electric fireplace).
It is more suitable for living room with lighter color.

3. 47" Brown Glass Door Wooden Fireplace Cabinet (SKU: IF-495A)

Made of High-grade MDF and birch bark, the brown wood grain gives the TV Stand a clean and classic look.The TV Stand can hold up to 270 lbs.(In the case of placing an electric fireplace)
This one can better match the living room with modern and wood-look style.

4. 47" Farmhouse 2 Sizes Sliding Double Barn Door Electric Fireplace Cabinet (SKU: IF-490)

The overall retro style of the fireplace cabinet brings people back to the past. A perfect medley of a farmhouse-inspired silhouette and industrial decor,The barn-inspired cabinet doors lend a country charm.
This dark electric fireplace cabinet is made of high-grade MDF and durable laminate.

5. 70″ White Mantel TV Cabinet 23'' Plug-in Electric Fireplace (SKU: IF-492)

High-grade MDF spray white paint, bring a bright and beautiful new look to your living room or family room.
The top and open 3-layer compartments allow you to display various decorations. The wooden smooth surface is waterproof and easy to keep clean with a damp cloth.
This cabinet is the only one that must sell with the fireplace.


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