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5 Ways to Make Your Tiny Backyard Super Awesome for Summer

Wait, what? Your tiny backyard isn’t exactly warm weather ready? No matter how small, outdoor space is an awful thing to waste. Stealing a few of these summery ideas will transform your itty-bitty slice of nature into an inviting retreat.

1. Create Separate Spaces
When dealing with a smaller backyard space, it can be easy for things to feel cramped and chaotic. By creating separate areas for different activities, you can give the impression of a larger space. This backyard has a clear divide for dining, the firepit, and lounge chairs facing towards the sun. The borders are small, but the distinct places are apparent rather than blending into each other.

2. Opt for Easily Moveable Seating
A small backyard requires some flexibility in making things work. Choosing seating options that can be easily moved and rearranged in different positions can help create more space when you need it.

3. Large Outdoor Umbrella
When the sun is beating down, a backyard umbrella will keep you protected from harsh daylight. The picture displays an umbrella that is as stylish as it is functional. The umbrella is mounted into the table so as to bring shade when having meals.
4. Dining Area
Add an extra element to your backyard by creating a space to dine al fresco. This gorgeous space from The Home Consultant has a dining area positioned underneath the constructed pergola—which can provide much-needed shade during those hot summer days.
5. Opt for Smaller Patio Furniture
You don't need a ton of seating or an oversized table on your patio to make an impression. Choosing a smaller table and chairs that appropriately fit the space can give the appearance of a more spacious atmosphere rather than a cramped one.

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