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5 Patio Ideas That Will Make You Want to Live Outside

A patio is an essential outdoor space that connects your interior and exterior. Depending on the size and placement of your patio, it can act as both a bridge to the outdoors and an oasis for lounging and entertaining that can be as stylish and comfortable as your interior.

1. Add Some Color
The first tip is to add pops of color, be it in the outdoor chairs, floral arrangements, or other decor. Especially for summer, it seems fitting to utilize bright colors in a space that’s inspired by nature.

2. Add Some Curtains
Curtains around the periphery can shield harsh rays and add a sense of privacy and intimacy. Besides, it adds structure to the overall design.

3. Keep It Natural
Patio in the picture has ample seating in pale weathered gray tones that harmonize with the stone and encourage gathering and conversation in the lush zen-like setting.

4. Brick
This backyard dining space has a lived-in feel, with a brick patio, a mix of concrete planters, and a large dining table with a scrolled base.

5. Movie Night
Light and airy patio with pale tones, wood touches, blue accents, and a central fireplace and wall-mounted TV is perfect for outdoor summer movie nights.

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