PHI VILLA Hanging Design Wild Bird Feeder

SKU E01BF0101-004-01
PHI VILLA Bird Feeder - Love and Fun

Material: Plastic
Color: Green
Capacity: 2.5 lbs
Features: Ready to fill and hang, waterproof design
Service: 60-day easy return policy

Great gift for nature lovers, children and parents.

Where should I put my bird feeders?

Birds are most likely to eat where they feel safe from predators, including free-roaming cats.
Place feeders 12 feet from a brush pile, evergreen tree, or bush. 
Birds can quickly fly 12 feet to reach the safe cover, yet predators cannot use it to hide within striking range of the feeder.

What bird foods should I offer?

Spring feeding: offer fruit, baked and crushed eggshells, and nesting materials, such as human hair, pet fur, bits of string or yarn, and small strips of cloth to help nesting birds.
Summer feeding: limit to nectar for hummingbirds and nyjer seed for goldfinches.
Autumn feeding: offer millet, peanuts, peanut butter, and suet cakes.
Winter feeding: offer black-oil sunflower seed, white proso millet, suet cakes, nyjer seed and cracker corn.

Customer Reviews

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Very nice! Cant wait to fill it up for the birds! They will love it!

Very good inexpensive birdfeeder for small birds

This is a well made , easy to use birdfeeder that is good for small birds.

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