ALPHA HOME Solid Wood Pants Hangers Skirt Hangers Non-slip - Walnut Finish 12 Pack

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Size: 9.8" x 6.7" x 0.8"
Solid Wood
12 pack 

Space Saving Design: Single size: 9.8" x 6.7" x 0.8", Set of 12. Suitable for pants, trousers, skirts, slacks, etc.

Elegant and Practical: 100% solid wood plus excellent craftsmanship, the walnut finish makes it a great decoration to your wardrobe. Fine hand polish leaves it no rough edges to snag clothes.

Hinge Design and Protective Padding: High quality plastic hinge design and anti-slip padding, smooth and sturdy. It holds your clothes firmly and prevents them from falling off.

Full-width Gripping: With a full-width gripping, it will not leave any creases or wrinkles on your clothes.

Convenient to Use: 360-degree anti-rust swivel hook. Easy to hang and check clothes during use.

ALPHA Home Solid Wood Pants/Skirts Hangers
100% Solid wood material plus excellent craftsmanship, this wood hanger is elegant yet practical.
Exquisite color plus classic design, it's a great gift for anyone.
It will be a great decoration to your wardrobe. It will be a joy to check your garments.


1. Avoid hot and humid environment which may cause mildew, split and coating damage.
2. Avoid hanging wet clothes directly.
3. Please clean the hangers with wet cloth.
4. It's recommended that you hang 1 to 2 not too thick pants (thickness within 0.59", weight within 4.4 lbs or less) at a time for best use.