ALPHA HOME PVC Carpet Chair Mat for Home and Office | Non-Slip Studded Back | for Low Pile Carpets | Shipped Flat

- Phthalate free, no harm to health
- Reduces noise when moving the chairs
- Crack and scratch resistant
- Studded back, non-slip
- Easy to move, clean and roll
- Shipped flat, ready to use
  •  This chair mat is designed for use on low and medium pile carpets,  2mm thick. Note: It doesn't fit for hard floor.
  • Made of durable PVC material, this mat is crack, break and scratch resistant which ensures a long time use. Transparent mat allows carpet to show through.
  • Protects damage to carpets in everyday use. It can grip the carpet firmly with studded back and will always stay in place during use.
  • Smooth surface makes it easier to glide, you can move chairs effortlessly. This PVC mat also helps reduce noise when moving chairs.
  • Phthalate free, no harm to health. Suitable for home and office. Shipped flat, ready to use. Easy to clean and maintenance free.

This chair mat is designed to provide the ultimate protection to low and medium carpet.Note: It doesn't fit for hard floor.
Made of durable PVC material, this mat can last for a very long time.
With the users' need in mind, we ergonomically designed our mats to ensure you can move effortlessly. It will certainly free your legs from fatigue and keep your carpets from wear and tear.
Transparent mat allows the carpet to show through it.Translucent mat is also available.