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Fire Pits vs. Fire Tables: What’s the Difference?

The idea of a fire is comforting and relaxing in a very primal way. People have been gathering around the flames for thousands of years, and something just feels good about continuing this tradition. An indoor fire is always a welcome sight in the colder months, but an outdoor fire can really be something to behold, too. If you’re looking into an outdoor fire table, or even a fire pit, there are some key differences between these products that you’ll want to understand before ordering.

What is a fire pit?
Fire pits are a more basic option for having an outdoor fire feature, and come in a countless number of styles and sizes. A fire pit can be installed as a permanent patio feature that includes stunning masonry, or it can be a relatively simple affair in the back of your yard that you dig yourself and line with some stones. You want to be careful about which stones you choose, however, as stones with higher moisture content can crack under the intense heat produced by a roaring fire. Additionally, fire pits offer a versatility that a fire table can’t always match, since they’re available in so many different styles.

What is a fire table?
A fire table is a more formalized option than a fire pit, and offers a pronounced degree of sophistication. While a fire pit can be as basic as a hole in the ground where the kids can toast marshmallows, fire tables tend to be more architectural statement pieces. They can usually be used as a more intimate piece that allows smaller groups to gather closer together. Additionally, they tend to be powered by gas that burns at the center of a smooth granite tabletop in a small pit. In this way, an outdoor fire table can burn quite a bit cleaner than fire pits that rely more on smoky wood.

If you think that a fire feature could be just what your yard or patio area is missing, it’s time to choose a perfect fire pit or a fire pit table in AlphaMarts. Don't forget that we offer free shipping and 1-year warranty.

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