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Mock ONE: The World's Only Compact Folding Hammock

We've changed the hammock as we know it with the introduction of Mock ONE, the world’s only compact folding hammock.



What is the size when folded in carry bag?

The Mock ONE when folded in carry bag is: 
SIZE: 35" high x 9" wide x 12" deep. 
WEIGHT: 16 lbs.

How much weight can it hold?

Our advertised weight limit for the Mock ONE is 250 lbs.

How tall can a person be and remain comfortable in the Mock ONE?

The Mock ONE has been designed to fit bodies up to 6'5" comfortably past the pillowed end bars. In addition, if a person is this tall they will be able to use the Mock 'Squito net without touching it with their feet.

Persons over 6'5" can still comfortably chill on the Mock ONE with their feet extending beyond the end bars.

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